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  1. 1. Scratch Connector

For now this is just a flat list of projects, most recent first, with title, names of people, and as much info as possible including images and source files.  It will eventually make sense to split out projects onto their own pages, or at least group them (I hope we have an arduino page soon).  Please add your projects!

Scratch meets SunSPOT

sunspot.jpgCheck out this youtube video showing how to connect Scratch and the SunSpot, a little battery-powered computer that runs Java and has a bunch of sensors.



Interactive Connections

Interactive Connections, is kind of like IDLE for Python, but connects to Scratch. Just a simple tool for connecting to Scratch with Python.



Telegraph is project is a simple one that shows list loops and mesh network in BYOB 2.0. One people (the host) types a message in morse (dictionary included), and the client translates it in English.

Parse Scratch Server Messages


Here you can turn the text you get from your scratch connection into a nice list for your program to handle.


Chat is a project that allows you to chat, only two people can chat at once though. Sorry if this is a rip-off of fredric's project. Same names. :/
 (Sorry, no pics.)



image001.pngSnyff is a simple Adobe AIR application that allows you to network two computers running Scratch to experiment with two-player games, collaborative artwork, or whatever you can imagine.




ScratchMessenger (1).jpg ScratchMessenger makes it so you can send messages to people. I Created It In 2 Days! :D I Also Need Some Testers To See If you can send messages to people. Thanks!

 (Good, I didn't mess up Chalkmarrow's thing nor anyone elses.)



scratchtweetscreenshot.jpgScratchtweet includes a small Python file and a bare-bones Scratch project that together allow you to send tweets to a Twitter account.
It is based on a commonly used python-twitter API. What use is it? Well, you could attach a sensor board with probes sunk in the dirt of a fern and let it tweet you whenever it needs to be watered (i.e., by sensing resistance), or maybe you could come up with a two-person chess program that shares moves via Twitter. For more details, see user:Chalkmarrow/Scratchtweet


Eric Rosenbaum

labyrinth_scrn.jpgNow you can play scratch games by tilting your mac laptop! Thanks to a handy library for the processing language, it's easy to read the values from the 3-axis accelerometer built into all recent mac laptops (it's called the "sudden motion sensor," and it's used to detect when the laptop is suddenly accelerating, so it can lock the hard drive and prevent damage).  So I wrote a little processing program that sends these values into scratch.  Then I made a simple game where you guide a ball through a maze by tilting the computer.  I'd love to see what other tilting games people come up with.

To try this, you'll need to install processing,  and then download the sms library and put it in the folder containing your processing sketches, inside a folder called "libraries." Now, in scratch enable remote sensor connections, then run the processing program, then run the scratch project.  Also, if you have scratch 1.3.1 or later installed, you can use this in presentation mode!

You can see tilt-ball in action in this cool video made by a scratcher at the MIT scratch meetup (the tilt-ball part starts at 3:10).

processing file: tilt_broadcast.pde
scratch project:

Two-Player Network Pong
Agnes Chang (krawik)

2ppong_thumbnail.jpgThis is a detailed guide to help you through setting up your first multiplayer networked Scratch game on Mac OS X or Windows XP computers (latter brought to you by s_federici).  This demo utilizes the new remote sensor connection functionality in Scratch to allow two people on two computers to play Pong with two Scratch Boards.  We will use a program written in the Python language to pass data through network sockets.  The mechanics of the communication system I will describe here is the same as the one used by most Massively Multiplayer Online games today.  Source files inside.


Gobo News

GoboNewsScreenShot.jpgThis project simply reads RSS feeds from a list of URLs in your Scratch project and sends the "Title" elements to Scratch so that Gobo can read them. It only reads (and sends) headlines right now, not the actual news story. The simple XML library I used with Python seems to have trouble with RSS feeds with unicode, but most sites seem to work.


Python file:

System Clock

System Clock.gifA very simple example of the remote sensing features. The Python script sends Hour ,Minute ,Second ,Day, Weekday, Month, and Year values every second to the Scratch project. The Scratch project moves the hands on a clock and has a few features that react to the time (alarms, chimes, background darkness). This could serve as a basis for other time-based projects such as data recorders, calendars and so on.

Also see another example of clock by CPfan123.

Python file: clock
Scratch project: System Clock


catenary_example.jpgCatenary is a Processing program that allows you to control an Arduino board via Scratch using just a handful of broadcasting blocks. See the Catenary project page for more details.

Scratch Talker
Eric Rosenbaum

scratchtalker_thumb.jpgUse speech synthesis to make scratch talk!  This is OSX only unfortunately.  It turns out to be very easy to make python call the built-in speech synth program on osx, which is known as "say" (from the terminal, just type "say hello" to try it out).  The Scratch project generates a random sentence using word lists.  The word lists are from a sentence generator project I found on the scratch web site.  It sends the sentence to python, along with a randomly chosen voice (the menu of voices can be found in the osx "speech" control panel), which then says it.  fun.  I especially like hearing the pipe organ voice sing a silly sentence. 

Python file: scratch-talker
Scratch project: scratch talker

Scratch Site Sensors
Eric Rosenbaum

loveits.jpgI made a program to send data about project titles, views and Love Its into scratch so you can visualize them.  The python program scrapes the scratch web page, looking for data using regular expressions.  In scratch, you specify a user name and project number (counting up from one, starting at the user's most recent project), and then broadcast "update."  When python has finished collecting the data, which can take a few seconds since it is loading a couple web pages, it sends it back and broadcasts "update complete."  Then you can for example draw a bunch of hearts, each representing a Love It, or a graph of the views of all your projects.

This was my first attempt at this, so the python program is a bit clunky and non-optimal in many ways- I would love to see an expanded and improved version! It could for example get most of the data by parsing rss feeds rather than whole pages, it could store the whole list of project ids at the beginning rather than having to get them each time, and there are lots of other interesting chunks of data to scrape from the site, of course! Please use caution if you play around with this though since you could easily hit the scratch web server a lot of times and load it down. 

Python file: websensors1
Scratch example: So Much Love

Speech Recognition
I-Bin and others from Chunghwa Telecom in Taiwan, Eric Rosenbaum

tel_baby.jpgWe connected a chinese language speech recognizer to scratch.  The recognizer would wait for one of a small list of spoken phrases.  When it heard one, it would send a broadcast to scratch running on a different computer.  We made a version of a side scroller game that you control by saying "left," "right" and "jump," and a version of the kaleidoscope machine drawing project that you control by saying "left" and "right."  We also made an interactive story where you could have a conversation with the Tel-baby, the mascot of Chunghwa Telecom.

Scratch project: chat with the tel baby
Sorry, the chinese language speech recognizer is not available

Music Recognition
I-Bin and others from Chunghwa Telecom in Taiwan, Eric Rosenbaum

musicpet.jpgWe connected a music recognizer to scratch.  The music recognizer has a database of 1000+ songs it can recognize.  You would play about 10 seconds of a song, and it would give you the song title and artist.  We did a clunky hack where it would write a song ID to a file, and a python program would check the file to see if there was a new ID there.  If there was, and it was one of a small set, it would send a broadcast of identifying the song into scratch, which would make a character dance in different styles or show you album cover art.

Python file: file io
Scratch project: music pet
Sorry, the music recognition software is not available

Music Visualization using CSound and XOs
John Maloney, Barry Vercoe, Eric Rosenbaum

OLPC_XO_Laptop.jpgCSound is a music synthesis and analysis engine written by Barry Vercoe.  As part of a class I took with him, we created a demo involving several XO computers (hundred dollar laptops).  One of them was synthesizing a piece of music in real-time using CSound.  CSound was broadcasting "beat" messages at each beat in the piece, and the other XOs were running scratch, responding to the "beat" messages to create animations synched to the piece.

Sorry, no source code available... this was done using an earlier version of scratch networking that used UDP rather than TCP


Zion Plug (FM)

plug_0.pngZion Plug is a simple program which allow you to connect your Scratch program to the physical world. Zion Plug just serve a message router purpose which route the message to and from any connection connected to the ZionPlug.The current ZionPlug ability to interact with following connection 


Zion_Cat.pngScratch TCP server, Scratch_1.png Scratch COM port, Zion_skype.png Skpye,

ZionBoard.JPGZion Board ,ZionPlug.jpg Virtual Zion Board

Scratch Connector

The Scratch Connector from redware is a Windows application that will connect two Scratch applications over the network or over the internet. It is the first version of our software and we plan a server version to connect more than two players together. Please give it a go and let me know how you get on. You can download from the Scratch Connector page in this Wiki or download the manual (pdf). 

Chat (for Scratch 1.4)
Stefano Federici

chat_thumbnail2.gifThis demo utilizes the new remote sensor connection functionality in Scratch to allow two people on two computers to chat.  Source files inside.


HyperCos v1
is a Microsoft Windows application written in the Delphi language which provides a bridge between Scratch and Firmata on the Arduino platform that is inspired by Catenary and works in very much the same way. It's purpose is primarily to demonstrate how to go about communicating with the Arduino from the Delphi 7 environment. The HyperCos source is heavily commented with the intention of making it easier to understand for less-experienced programmers. There isn't any  documentation on how to use it from Scratch as it is expected that users will be reading the source to see how things work. However, the included Scratch project demonstrates most of the available commands.


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